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Minotaur Sports Cars is a corporation formed to manufacture and sell a high performance, light weight, mid engine, two seat exotic sports car. This car was designed in England and Minotaur Sports Cars of North America has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the car in North America.

The Minotaur has a steel tubing chassis, Indy car like inboard rocker arm suspension, an all aluminum 4 valve per cylinder, four cam 4.6 liter double overhead cam V8 engine, and a six speed transaxel. The body is carbon fiber composite materials. The weight of the car is anticipated to be 2,200 lbs, and 425 horsepower. The car comes with racing seats, harnesses, and a fuel cell. Tires are 18" Pirelli Pzero on Kenesis three piece wheels. The performance of the car is expected to equal sports cars costing over $500,000. The beautiful design and racing car performance make the Minotaur a bargain at $160,000. Minotaur Sports Cars has been building the prototype of the U.S. legal version of the car and currently need additional funding to finish the prototype. The molds to manufacture the body components are complete and a prototype chassis are finished.

The Hatchery is soliciting funding for the prototype completion and initial marketing and production expenses. The Hatchery will take over the building and management of the assembly facility and the sales and marketing functions of the business if funding can be found and the prototype can be successfully completed and tested. The Minotaur may be raced in the American Le Mans series and could even compete in the famous Le Mans race itself. The car may be sold in both street and racing versions. Business plans for Minotaur Sports Cars are available by request to potential investors who are qualified.